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The mini militia is one of the best games that is a part of the mobile gaming world. This game has been top-rated due to its amazing features and concept. It is a multiplayer game in which up to 6 players can play at once. It is a game you can enjoy with your friends together.

All you need to do is connect through Wi-Fi LAN, and then you are ready to go. It is a shooting game in which you need to shoot your friends using various weapons such as grenades, shotguns, sniper, guns, etc. it is one fantastic game which you must install and play for free with your friends. You can also play it solo with other players.

Since only one person can win in this game so obviously you will need features which will make you stronger and increase your chances of winning. For this purpose, you can use many mini militia mod apps which provide you with some great features.


Various mod apps provide you with different features such as unlimited nitro, one shot kill, unlimited health, unlimited ammo and grenades and much more. To get all these features at once, you can install the mini militia god mod which provides you with all the features required for winning.

Some real fascinating features of the app

  •    Unlimited Nitro
  •    Ability to fly over the walls
  •    Unlimited health
  •    Unlimited ammo and grenades
  •    Anti-gravity feature
  •    Unlock the pro pack
  •    No, reload of guns
  •    Unlock store items
  •    Connect with up to 16 players at once
  •    Stable version

Some of the developers in Kerala developed a Malayalam version of this app. They developed Mini militia Malayalam which is a fascinating app. In this app, you can hear funny voices and dubbed dialogues.

It consists of various funny and entertaining Malayalam songs and comedy dialogues.  It also includes all these features listed above. Apart from this, it also provides new South Indian appearances for the players. It is an interestingly funny and amazing game which you can enjoy with your friends.

To avail all these features, you can use the mini militia god mod and increase your chances of winning. All these mods are amazing and have excellent features. If you are a crazy gambler and want to win every game, then you must try this mini militia god mod and defeat all your friends quickly.


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